Educate the Next Generation of Leaders in Freetown


This project strengthens families and schools in the area of education in Sierra Leone. It addresses the education and character development of children and youths in Sierra Leone. It strategically targets weak areas that need support - including scholarships, school and teaching supplies, and leadership training.


Sierra Leone ranks at the bottom in United Nations Human Development Index. Thousands of families live below the bread line and simply cannot afford to send their children and youths to school. Many families and schools do not have the resources to provide much-needed school and teaching supplies. Many of the problems in Africa are leadership-related as they are partly or wholly a result of wrong decision-making and poor leadership.


This project provides scholarships, teaching and school supplies, workshops and personal development resources. By doing so, we help reduce illiteracy and school drop-out rates, and empower students to become forward-thinking leaders of our nation.

Long-Term Impact

The project is an effective long-term investment that will help provide quality educational opportunities for more youths and young adults so that they can rise above poverty and become better decision makers.

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