Educational Lifeline For 100 Pregnant Girls


During the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, teenage girls (particularly those orphaned when their families passed away) were out of school and more vulnerable to rape and sexual assault. These visibly pregnant girls are not being allowed to return to school and are at grave risk of dropping out of school permanently. Project will help to address this by providing an appropriate educational alternative for 100 pregnant girls to ensure they can make educational progress.


As of April 2015, per government policy, pregnant, teenage, school-going girls are not allowed to attend school. Additionally, pregnant girls in this culture, are usually *very reluctant* to attend school because they could be teased and ridiculed. The inability of a pregnant girl or young mother to continue school can be one the most harmful and psychologically distressing aspects of early pregnancy / motherhood - with an additional crippling, long term, career impact.


We are offering a viable alternative and support to help 100 girls continue their education. Training is provided in basic numeracy and literacy skills - as this provides a vital foundation. Each girl also receives individual coaching, moral support and psycho-social support / counselling to ensure on-going educational progress. The girls also will have access to a networked computer lab, curriculum materials and video tutorials. With this support, the girls are able to continue to learn.

Long-Term Impact

These deserving girls will be able to complete this critical step of their education. This will enable them to progress in their careers. As a result, their future employment opportunities will not be adversely or negatively affected. This educational lifeline will re-open the door of opportunities for them. This timely intervention will bring real hope and help them escape from potential future unemployment and poverty.

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